5 Simple Home Projects for Any Budget

Apr 27, 2021

Are you looking to add some value to your home but don’t have a big budget? Or do you want to improve its aesthetic without breaking the bank?

Making improvements to your home doesn’t have to come with a massive price tag. There are dozens of high-impact, low-cost upgrades you can make — and many take just a matter of hours.

Here are five easy and budget-friendly home improvements you might want to start with.

  • Install new light fixtures. You may be surprised at the difference a new chandelier, pair of sconces or track lighting can make. You can even update your exterior lights for some extra curb appeal.
  • Update the walls. Give your walls a facelift — even in just one room. This could mean a new coat of paint, some patterned wallpaper or a gallery wall full of art. You could also opt to do a simple accent wall to add a pop of color.
  • Change out your accessories. One of the easiest ways to update your home is to swap out things like curtains, drapes, rugs and throw pillows. You can even switch them out seasonally for refreshes on a more regular basis.
  • Add new cabinet hardware. New drawer pulls, knobs or handles can make a serious impact in both your kitchen and bathrooms. You might also think about switching out faucets and showerheads to match, too.
  • Refresh your landscaping. Keep things simple by adding a new bush, tree or flowering plant to your garden. You could also consider putting down some decorative stones to set certain areas off or create a walking path.

There are multiple options that may help you finance your home improvements. Get in touch to learn more.