Your questions answered.

We know there are a ton of questions you might have about the mortgage process. We have tried to compile some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • Renting vs. Buying: Should You Rent or Buy a Home?

  • Why Does a Pre-Approval Matter?

  • When Should You Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage?

  • Pre-Qualified vs. Pre-Approved: What’s the Difference?

  • What to Do Before You Apply for a Mortgage

  • What are the different types of loan options?

  • How do I find the right mortgage company?

  • How do I find the lowest mortgage rate?

  • How do I know if I am paying too much for my mortgage?

  • How can I improve my credit score?

  • How do I apply for a mortgage?

  • How do I get pre-approved for a mortgage?

  • How do I get the lowest closing costs?

  • How do I qualify for a mortgage?

  • How do I choose a Realtor?

  • How to choose a Loan Officer?