Loan Programs

Approved Mortgage works with clients to find the right loan program for them at the best rate possible. Learn more about the available loan programs.

FHA Loans

An FHA loan uses a combination of low down payment, low rates, and flexible lending guidelines to help homebuyers qualify for a loan.

An FHA loan is popular with first-time homebuyers, low-to-moderate income borrowers, or borrowers with less than perfect credit.

Conventional Loans

Conventional loans offer mortgage loans with fixed rates and a variety of term lengths.

Conventional loans generally offer lower costs and are a great choice for homebuyers with a high enough credit score and a large enough down payment.

VA Loans

The VA Loan is a mortgage option available to Veterans, Service Members, and select military spouses.

The VA loan guarantees a portion of the loan, which gives borrowers more favorable terms. VA loans can offer $0 down payment mortgages.

USDA Loans

A USDA loan is a low interest, no down payment mortgage loan available to eligible suburban and rural homebuyers. To qualify for a USDA loan, an applicant must be looking to buy a home in an eligible rural or suburban area and meet certain income requirements.

Down Payment Assistance

Approved Mortgage offers loan programs that help qualified borrowers achieve the dream of home ownership with little to no down payment.  Payment assistance is based on the loan type and eligible homeowners can receive a mortgage credit certificate.

Specialty Loan Products

Approved Mortgage works with over 20 different investors, meaning we can offer unique and exclusive mortgage options that other lenders cannot.  These specialty products are designed to help a wide variety of homebuyers, self-employed borrowers, borrowers over 65 years-old, and all types of other borrowers.

Jumbo Loans

A Jumbo loan is a mortgage that exceeds the conforming loan limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA).  Jumbo loans are generally designed to finance luxury properties and homes in highly competitive local real estate markets.

Construction and Renovation Loans

Construction and Renovation loans can be a non-standard mortgage that are typically used to help cover the cost of building a home, general remodeling and construction.

Refinance Loans

Approved Mortgage offers several different types of mortgage refinancing, including rate-and-term refinance, cash-out refinance, streamline refinance, and more!

A refinance mortgage can help homeowners lower their monthly payments, renovate their homes, or even consolidate their debt.