Midsummer Home Maintenance To-Do List

Aug 14, 2023

Summer is a season synonymous with clear skies, free time and fun outdoor activities. But you know what is also great about summer? It can be an ideal time to perform a number of vital home maintenance tasks. 

Rather than put these tasks off and leave your home vulnerable, why not check them off of your to-do list? That way, you can enjoy the rest of your year with fewer worries.   

1. Freshen up your landscaping.

Remove weeds, fallen branches and other unwanted debris, and replace dead plant life with new flowers and greenery. Add fresh mulch to garden beds; this not only reduces weed infiltration but also helps plants retain moisture. If rain is sparse, consider soaking plants a few times a week.

2. Clean up your home exterior. 

Use a pressure washer to safely remove buildup from exterior walls, decks, sidewalks and patio surfaces. Reseal wooden decks, touch up the paint on walls, fences and foundations, or repaint these surfaces entirely. Clear fallen debris from the roof, gutters and downspouts to ensure summer rainwater can flow properly.

3. Pest-proof your home.

Inspect your home for signs of pest activity, including anthills, mice droppings and termite damage. Seal off potential entry points (e.g., foundation cracks, window frames) to reduce the likelihood of infestations. Minor infestations can often be addressed using store-bought solutions; others may require a professional.

4. Give your air conditioning system a checkup.

If you haven’t already, have your AC system professionally serviced or consider replacing your filter. Routine maintenance can help extend your system’s life and reduce the likelihood of costly damage and repairs. Plus, a well-maintained system will run more efficiently, which can help reduce your monthly energy costs.

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