Tips for Avoiding Water Damage at Home

Oct 01, 2021

It’s officially National Preparedness Month, and that means it’s time to think about protecting yourself — and your property.

One of the best ways to do this is to safeguard your property against water damage, which can occur due to plumbing issues or harsh weather.

Want to avoid water damage and the costs and consequences it comes with? Here are five ways to try to prevent it from becoming an issue.

  1. Install a moisture or leak sensor. There are lots of low-cost, easy-to-install systems that can monitor your pipes for leaks and drips. Most are connected to a mobile app and can help you monitor water usage, too.
  2. Insulate your pipes. Doing this can help reduce heating costs and protect pipes from freezing (and bursting) in the winter. It’s best to insulate any exposed and exterior pipes or faucets.
  3. Inspect (and maintain) your roof and gutters. You want to catch roof leaks as soon as they occur — before they can cause water damage or lead to mold or mildew. If you have gutters, you should also commit to cleaning them at least twice a year. If debris builds up in them, it can cause water to stagnate on your roof, causing more problems.
  4. Be careful about what goes down the drain. Grease builds up in your drain and can clog it, eventually slowing down water flow or even causing it to leak or burst. Put leftover cooking oils or grease in an empty can or jar and throw it out with the trash.
  5. Make sure you have flood insurance. Though most homeowners insurance policies cover water damage from interior plumbing issues, they don’t cover damage due to flooding. Adding on a flood insurance policy is a smart idea for a lot of owners.

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